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Travel through this magical country and fall in love with its unique landscapes where you can enjoy the mysticism of the jungle, the wisdom of the mountains, the tranquility of the enjoy the mysticism of the jungle, the wisdom of the mountains, the tranquility of the beach the tranquility of the beach and the stories to tell in the urban areas.

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The privileged geography of the country, allows you to enjoy all the charm of South America, such as the Andes in all its splendor America, such as the Andes in all their splendor, the tranquility and the flavor of the Caribbean coasts Caribbean coasts, the biodiversity of the dense jungles, the history told through archaeological history told through archaeological ruins and the magic that overflows from the towns with colonial architecture.

Colombia is synonymous with mystery, adventure, traditions, history, wisdom and joy that its people and joy that spreads its people, always ready to give you their best smile. Let yourself be infected by the magic of its regions and take the risk to enjoy what only this country can offer you. that only this country can offer you.

In Go and Travel you will find the possibility of discovering Colombia making your dream trip come true, tailor-made according to your needs and interests according to your needs and interests so you can live an unforgettable experience.

We have a team trained to create the best experiences for you. According to your interests and budget, giving you the best advice, You can contact them through our online store or buy the plans directly from our store. Plans directly from our store

Navigate the Amazon River or know the river of the seven colors?

Maybe you'd like to sip a cup of Colombian coffee on a farm in the middle of the mountains or maybe watch the sunset from the walled city of Cartagena.

Here, you are one step closer to your dream trip in Colombia. Explore our tours proposed by our travel experts and start planning the best trip of your life. In each of our destinations, you will be greeted by a local host.




Hang Gliding


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Here are some of our travel tips tips for you to have the best travel experience

Be informed and plan your trip in advance, always keep in mind the main expenses such as transportation, lodging and food.

Voltage, frequency and plug shape are not universal. The only universal thing is the adapter you should bring on your trip. Prefer those that include a power converter to avoid burning your equipment and electronic devices.

Keep in mind that each airline has different restrictions on the maximum weight and dimensions for suitcases and carry-on bags, this will save you from paying extra.

Before traveling abroad, inform your bank so that they can authorize the use of your credit card outside your home country.

Download the map of the destination where you will be, so you won't have problems if you get lost and don't have internet.

Make sure you always carry a charger and an adapter or a battery bank, it is always important to stay connected.

Tips for surviving long flights

Carry a
"survival kit".



Hand cream
(remember the 100ml limit)


What to wear?

Hot stockings


Comfortable shoes


What not to wear?


Heavy jewelry


Tight belts

Remember the night before the flight do not drink alcoholic beverages as this will dehydrate you the next day. Stay hydrated